Leading supplier of batch technologies and cullet handling equipment.

EME’s workforce is spread over 80 countries and has designed and commissioned plants at more than 250 glassworks worldwide.

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EME is the world’s leading supplier of batch and cullet handling technology. Technology that we have been developing and improving for over 100 years. We continuously invest in research and development to create equipment that pushes the glassmaking industry forward, creating a more sustainable and efficient world.

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EME is celebrated worldwide for inventing technologies that endure the harshest environments to deliver maximum reliability.

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EME Company

A world leader in batch and cullet treatment systems

EME’s history spreads over a century. During this period we have thrived by creating pioneering technologies and innovations in the design and engineering of batch preparation plants, cullet handling equipment and batch charging technology. Our innovative approach is matched by exceptional customer service, allowing us to proudly deliver some of the world’s most advanced and complex projects for container, float and special glass applications. Over our history, we have become known for developing facilities that endure the harshest of environments with absolute reliability. And this is just the beginning. We are committed to continually improving and innovating for many years to come.

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A pioneer
In sustainable
treatment of
batch and cullet

For over 100 years, EME has been at the forefront of modern technologies and innovations in the design and engineering of batch preparation plants, cullet handling, glass recycling and batch charging technology. Part of the SORG Group, we use this power to develop state-of-the-art technology for the sustainable preheating treatment of batch and cullet. 



SORG Group combines leading technologies in furnace and batch house design and engineering. This unique advantage allows us to provide optimal batch plant design, glass melting, glass conditioning and installation as an integral part of our services. We also offer our clients lifecycle support for furnaces, batch houses and cullet return. Our vision to provide glassmakers with a single source for world-leading technologies ensures total accountability and seamless delivery. The ‘power of three’ depicts our belief in a turnkey approach for major projects and our commitment to provide market-leading technology, service and support from each company. Everything we do is designed for performance and engineered for endurance.

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Innovation is at the core of our services, and that’s why we create disruptive technologies that change the glass industry. Each piece of equipment is designed to tackle a specific problem and provide our customers with unmatched quality and control of their processes. They are also future-proof due to their upgradable features. 


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